Dog Basic Obedience Class

These are the handouts when I used to teach basic obedience classes through Petco. I developed the contents of the handouts myself because the supplied ones were very lacking.

For behavior problems please click here.

The weekly command handouts are listed by week.
You can chose to follow the schedule in the outline or if you have some experience training a dog you can pick and choose which command you would like to teach your dog. I really advise following the schedule in the outline though. Do not try to cover too much in too short of a time though. Take into consideration the maturity level of your dog and any predisposed behavior that is in the genetic code for your breed of dog. Basically, some dogs are smarter than others and will catch on more quickly. Use your commons sense and adjust the training to fit your individual dog.

Before you begin your dog training you should read the Guideline handout until the tips contained in it are second nature to you.

The outline was created for my Petco students so some of the information contained in the outline won't be relevent to you. Do pay attention to week number, topic, and homework columns.

You can e-mail me if you have any questions or problems.


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