Solving Behavior Problems



Reasons for door barking:

            Dogs will bark for many different reasons.  They will bark at unfamiliar sounds and sights.  They will bark when they feel threatened.  And they will bark out of boredom and loneliness.



·        Try to find out why your dog is barking in the first place then...

·        If he is barking at an unfamiliar sound or sight, recall him just loud enough so he can hear you then go with him over to where he was barking. 

·        You can softly talk to him saying such things as “what’s up boy?, what is it?, let’s take a look?, etc. 

·        Then praise him for alerting you to the strange sound or sight. 

·        This will let your dog know that it is good to alert you with a bark but then the strange sight or sound should be investigated quietly.  You will be instilling good watchdog behavior in your dog.

·        If the dog is barking out of loneliness or boredom be sure that you are spending enough time with him. 

·        Remember exercise and training should be part of your daily routine. 

·        A regular grooming routine will also give you a chance to spend quality time with your dog. 

·        Make sure to include your dog as a member of your family.  This means allowing him to spend time with you indoors also.  This can be as simple as him lying in a kitchen corner while you prepare dinner or lying at your feet while you watch TV. 

·        Teach your dog that it is okay for him to be alone for parts of the day.

·        Think about investing in a playmate for your dog.

·        If you keep your dog in an outside kennel for part of the day make sure that he has a toys to keep him occupied.

·        If your dog is barking excessively while you are at work the best way to solve the problem may be to leave him inside his crate in the house while your away. 

·        If you work really long hours or have a long commute you may need to arrange with a neighbor to let the dog out for one or two potty and drink breaks while your gone.  Most adult dogs can remain in a crate for 8 to 10 hours without a problem.  They usually will sleep much of that time.

·        If you can’t leave your dog inside the house while your away you may want to invest in a device such as “The Silencer” or “Super Barker Breaker”. 

·        The Silencer is a collar and the Barker Breaker is a device that is placed within 25 feet of the dog.  They both will emit a high pitched sound that only dogs can hear whenever the dog barks. 

·        You can adjust the sensitivity of them so that it does not sound when the dog is doing alarm or intruder alert barking.